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Cara Cepat Hamil

Tour to the place from where hot water, heat in the radiators and electricity come from – heat electropower station.
Once a kid asked his mom who worked at heat electropower station: “What’s this?”
“It’s a cloud factory” – answered his mother.
Let’s have an excursion over such factory situated near the city of Ulyanovsk.
These stacks are 185 meters high.
Along these pipes water starts its way to our houses.
These superwide tubes are called water-cooling towers.
The station has been working since 1946.
“Evacuation plan”
“60 years of heat electropower station – 1″
On the walls there are posters with the station’s history, workers notes, ecology and terrorism hazard information.
The holy of holies – turbogenerator which produces the very electricity. It’s power is 60 megawatt.
The crane moves around the hall. It can lift up to 20 tons of weight at a time.
“Steam pipeline”
A lot of different gauges showing a mass of parameters.

Fire safety is highly respected here – red fire extinguishers and valves can be seen everywhere.
If one turns a valve …
… water gets sprayed over the hall from these pipes.
This device blocks steam supply immediately if an emergency occurs.
Water gets heated in such giant boilers.
Fuel oil burning temperature is 2100 degrees.
Boiler’s output is 480 tons of steam per hour.
“Steam boiler”
Steam boiler work is controlled by computers.
Control panel overwhelms with levers, buttons and lights.
New technologies are also here – one could see a needed parameter by pressing a button.
Control panel.
Respecting the past:
“Don’t gabble”
In the beginning of every season the station has to be certified:
A small description of how the heat and electricity are created.
“Life of heat and electricity”
“Where the heat and electricity are produced in Ulyanovsk”

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